You Still Have To Work

I made a post recently about believing in what you want to be. Specifically for artists. "I am a successful artist."

Someone commented on one of these posts with describing what being successful is to them. Which is work hard relentlessly. And I felt this was a fantastic thing to get brought up for those that may have taken the original post in the wrong way.

You still have to put in the work. Believing is only a piece of the puzzle.

With my initial post, I was targeting those that work on their craft daily that have trouble believing in themselves. Sometimes we're just a puzzle piece away from figuring our thing out. Without belief in our work, followers can't believe in us either.

However, it's important to remember, that you can tell yourself you are or will be a successful artist everyday and still not have success if you're not working!

So here's a reminder: You still have to work.

Find something that you love doing. Discover ways to create income from this and put in the work! Your life only starts when you do.