Art Saves is a non-profit movement project created to educate others about self expression through urban forms of art. Art Saves strives to help those at risk and struggling to find ways to express their emotions.
Art Saves is based on the web and provides mobility to travel to different locations. Art Saves targets teenagers around America. Visits provided to selected locations will include speeches with an introduction to art forms, how to use them, and how to begin along with workshops.
Speeches and workshops are provided at local high schools and organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, high schools and other surrounding supporters. Different workshops will include a short introduction, information about selected art forms, materials for every person, and a starter kit for
each student.
Workshop Items
Each package for kids contains different items depending on the workshop.
This displayed information to the organization willing to carry Art Saves.
Below is one of two posters created as samples.
Van Wrap
The vehicle would be used to transport items to locations carrying a specific workshop.
Process Book
The full book was about 72 pages look. Here are some photos of a bit of the spreads.
Final Items - "Take Aways"
Cards created with matte cardstock, spray paint, and a stamp. Finished with a selected pin for each card.
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