Custom Designs For Apparel Brands

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Custom Designs

Any topic, text, & style.


Full Front, Full Back, Left Chest, etc.


Illustrated or Typographic.


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Why Chelsea Arruda?

My mission is to help build apparel brands like yours with custom designs.

What Do I Do?

I create graphics for apparel. More commonly, t-shirt designs for brands like yours. Original designs made exclusively for your brand is important. It will allow you to differ from the rest with your own style and image.

Your brand is important to you.

Your brand matters to you. So, why wouldn't you want the best for it? With original customized work, your apparel will stand from the rest while keeping a consistant visual image.

Your time is valuable

So, use it for what matters most to you. Hire a professional to get the design work done for you, so, you can work on the other stuff.


No pre-made apparel templates. Real, custom, and professional work just for you.

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Who's Chelsea Arruda?

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I'm Chelsea.
A designer from South Coast, Massachusetts.

I began creating apparel designs for my brand at a young age. Fourteen to be exact. I always admired the graphics in the stores and wanted to figure out how to create my own. After watching various online tutorials on early YouTube and picking other's brains, I figured out how to use techniques that would help me achieve the designs I wanted to share. Throughout this journey, I've received messages of others asking me if I could create designs for them. From there, I realized I was able to help others with the knowledge I had collected.

I didn't have an only focus. I was young and exploring all creative possibilities. I taught myself how to design websites, print material, and more. After a while of being on this journey, I came back to apparel. There's a love in that area that continues to call me back. Years later, in 2019 at age 27, I've taken the full move to provide apparel designs for other brands.